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]the radio is focusing on communicating with the purpose influencing people to Know God through the words of the Bible and as a result affect hearts to live for God aiming at advancing God's kingdom in all places by using everything in a believer's life.

we believe every christian must be fully involved twenty four seven in this work. so that is why we are doing everything we can to be one of the voices calling on Christians to purposefully work for God in advancing the kingdom

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just as the bible tells us that faith comes by hearing the word of God, we we decide to keep the word of God coming to everybody. right from the scriptures, the shows us that God keeps his people working through voices he puts in their midsts. there is a time he spoke through angels, then from angels to his servants then time he spoke directly to us through his son and now that the son has spoken, we are entrusted with the some words Jesus left with us which continues to be clear in the scriptures and made more clear by his spirit in us

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BORN WORD RADIO was founded on Christian values, we believe God's will for all people is to believe in His son Jesus Christ, study to know and understand the bible scriptures. Finally as an act of faith God expects everyone to pattern his/her life to wha